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InfiniStats augments existing workflows, providing increased accuracy, faster turnaround and improved accessibility to data.

Simple Benchmarking

Benchmark against the latest data from your whole organisation at any time, with a few clicks.

Data Collection

Data can be input/edited online, or imported directly from Excel and other spreadsheet or database applications. Sensitive data can be pre-processed for anonymisation before leaving your computer.


Outputs ranging from detailed PDF reports to scorecards, dashboards and Excel downloads.

Direct Employment: Pay bill (exc. on-costs)

Esterwilde's pay bill of £4,814,669 falls in the second quartile of all the Nodnol boroughs, and for east Nodnol. It has fallen by 14.5% since the last survey in 2017/18, when it was £5,631,192. This compares with a median average change of -4.1% for outer Nodnol since 2017/18.

Quick and useful live analysis

Query live data online. An intuitive and quick interface lets you get right to the data you're looking for without any manual data manipulation. Graphs and charts can be generated from the most up-to-date data and exported directly to other applications.

A wide range of visualisation options is available:


Generate tailored reports for immediate download in PDF format

Reports are fully branded with organisational logo and colours, and include an automatically generated textual summary of the data including trend analysis.

Preview reports online and annotate with your own comments and analysis — your annotations appear on your final exported report.

Outputs can also contain notes and appendices that appear from all users to provide necessary context to results.


Scorecards can be printed as A3 for an at-a-glance summary of your organisation or department's averages compared to others.

Data Dashboards

Data dashboards give a rich graphical overview of your key points, featuring heatmaps, infographic-style elements, textual analysis and more.

We handle the setup of dashboards tailored to your precise needs.

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